Mastering the OKR cycle is essential for achieving the promises of alignment, accountability, and improved performance provided by the OKR methodology.

Mastery takes time, but we believe this course will provide leaders and managers at all levels with tools to understand the elements of the OKR cycle and prepare them to effectively individually, and collectively within a team, department, or an entire organization.

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Who The Course Is For

This module provides the knowledge and skill enabling senior leaders with the support of internal OKR Champions to successfully master OKRs in their organization, and make goal-setting part of how a company operates to achieve the business benefits OKRs promise. In addition, it provides foundational background appropriate for:

  • Senior leaders at multiple levels
  • Internal OKR Champions (Super Users)

Course Content And Benefits

Upon completion of this course participants will learn:

  • How the OKR cycle fits within the overall management system of the business to achieve agile strategy execution.
  • The key elements the make up the OKR cycle providing an end-to-end view of the cycle.
  • Each element you will need to master as part of the OKR cycle starting with how to set OKRs.
  • The process for cascading and localizing OKRs.
  • As OKRs are set and cascaded, we discuss how the formal functional organization and informal OKR organization work together to provide alignment and accountability across formal organizational boundaries.
  • How to assess progress through team and 1:1 meetings.
  • How to close the OKR Cycle, conduct retrospectives, and maximize learning.
  • The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the OKR cycle.

Downloadable Support Materials

This course comes with downloadable materials that are designed to reinforce the content and help to immediately translate learning into action. The downloadable materials for this course include:

  • FAQs: For Setting OKRs
  • Support Sheet: OKR Localization Example
  • Job Aid: OKR Related Meetings
  • Job Aid: Conducting Retrospectives
  • Job Aid: Coordinating The Functional and OKR Organizations
  • FAQs: The OKR Cycle

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