OKR Basics E-Learning Course

Understand the history, benefits, and foundational elements required to write and use OKRs.

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Writing Quality OKRs E-Learning Course

OKRs is a language as well as a goal-setting methodology. As such, writing, clear, quality OKRs is critical to their effective use, especially as they cascade out within the organization. As with any language, proficiency comes with practice and support from an expert. This course is designed to review OKRs that you may have already written, provide insights, as well as opportunities to learn what makes for quality OKRs.

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Implementing & Using OKRs Effectively E-Learning Course

Using any new management methodology effectively is difficult the first time, and OKRs is no exception. Like any other management methodology there is a learning curve. The objective of this course is to understand how to implement OKRs effectively the first time, and to shorten the learning curve for individuals to effectively use OKRs within their organizations and with their teams.

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