Implementing & Using OKRs E-Learning Course

Understand how to implement OKRs effectively the first time
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Using any new management methodology effectively is difficult the first time, and OKRs is no exception.

Like any other management methodology there is a learning curve. The objective of this course is to understand how to implement OKRs effectively the first time, and to shorten the learning curve for individuals to effectively use OKRs within their organizations and with their teams.

Who The Course Is For

This module provides the knowledge and skill enabling senior leaders with the support of internal OKR Champions to successfully implement OKRs in their organization, and make goal-setting part of how a company operates to achieve the business benefits OKRs promise. In addition, it provides foundational background appropriate for:

  • Senior leaders at multiple levels
  • Internal OKR Champions (Super Users)

Course Content And Benefits

Upon completion of this course participants will learn to:

  • Identify patterns of implementation failure and success
  • Lead with a change leadership approach to OKR implementation
  • Implement a successful OKR support organization
  • Identify the key roles of senior leaders, OKR Champions, and managers
  • Develop OKR guiding principles based on critical implementation decisions
  • Design an OKR rollout approach appropriate for your organization including initial steps as well as the sequencing and timing of expansion (Crawl-Walk-Run)
  • Implement a strategic planning and execution cycle that includes OKRs
  • Develop an OKR meeting cadence
  • Determine the appropriate OKRs scoring approach
  • Develop consistent progress reporting throughout the organization
  • Decide on a cascading approach for OKRs
  • Determine your approach to performance management with OKRs
  • Develop insights into useful metrics to measure progress towards strategy implementation (OKR) goals
  • Identify and mitigate common pitfalls with OKR implementations
  • Rollout OKR training to the company that supports individuals, managers, and senior leaders with their roles and responsibilities
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to use OKRs at the Company level and how
  • Select an OKR management system (future)
  • Be able to answer frequently asked questions related to OKRs.

Downloadable Support Materials

This course comes with downloadable materials that are designed to reinforce the content, and help to immediately translate learning into action. The downloadable materials for this course include:

  • OKR guiding principles sample document
  • Job Aid: OKR Implementation Checklist
  • Support Sheet: OKR software selection considerations
  • Support Sheet: OKR Implementation Recommendations
  • FAQs: Implementing OKRs
  • Recommendations, Pitfalls and Mitigations: Implementing OKRs
  • Job Aid: Company Implementation Checklist & Key Decisions
  • Job Aid: Sample OKR Guiding Principles
  • Support Sheet: Organizing for Success - Roles & Responsibilities Leaders, OKR Champions, Managers
  • Support Sheet: Senior Leader Checklist & FAQs
  • Support Sheet: OKR Champion Checklist & FAQs
  • Support Sheet: Common Implementation Pitfalls and Mitigation
  • Support Sheet: OKR Software System Checklist
  • Support Sheet: Data, Metrics, Scorecards & OKRs

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