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Writing Quality OKRs Online Learning Course

Learn the details of how to write high quality OKRs
Put concepts into practice with an expert coach
Get 1:1 time for targeted advice

OKRs is a language as well as a goal-setting methodology. As such, writing, clear, quality OKRs is critical to their effective use, especially as they cascade out within the organization.

As with any language, proficiency comes with practice and support from an expert.  This course is designed to review OKRs that you may have already written, provide insights, as well as opportunities to learn what makes for quality OKRs.

Who The Course Is For

  • Leaders and managers at all levels
  • All employees
  • OKR Champions

What This Course Includes

  • Access to self-paced online learning courses: Writing Quality OKRs; OKR Basics
  • One 60-minute live virtual coaching session with a certified OKR coach, together with a cohort of up to 15 people
  • One 60-minute 1:1 session with your coach to review and receive input into your existing OKRs

Downloadable materials included:
  • Template: Translating Strategies Into OKRs
  • Template: Writing OKRs
  • FAQs - Using OKRs
  • Support Sheet: Common Pitfalls and Mitigation (Using OKRs)

Course Content and Benefits

This course is intended to help individuals:
  • Learn the details of how to write high quality OKRs
  • Gain insights from a certified OKR Advisors coach about existing OKRs
  • Rewrite existing OKRs for clarity and effectiveness with review from a certified OKR Advisors coach

Key elements we cover in this course:
  • Basic OKR concepts and foundational definitions
  • Guiding principles and practices to keep in mind when writing OKRs
  • Examples of well written, and not so well written OKRS
  • Common mistakes, traps and pitfalls that lead to poorly written OKRS and how to avoid them
  • Writing OKRS for a Team or Organization
  • Important considerations when working with Team and Organizational OKRS
  • OKR writing exercises and templates Imbedded within the course

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