Become a Certified OKR Champion
with OKR Advisors

Behind every successful OKR implementation is an OKR champion guiding, aligning and inspiring internal teams, monitoring progress and coordinating leadership to effect change and achieve meaningful goals. The OKR Advisor Champion Certification Program arms you with the knowledge and training you need to take on this critically important role in your organization.
  • Build Your Skill Set

    Become proficient at OKR setting, writing, reviewing, scoring, training and more so you can deliver organizational impact while elevating your personal profile.

  • Lead Organizational Change

    Learn how to guide teams through the key decisions and operational changes required to successfully adopt, implement and productively use OKRs.

  • Grow Your Internal Practice

    Establish and contribute to an OKR community of practice through shared knowledge, tools, resources and methodology.

What You Will Learn

The OKR Advisor Champion Certification Program is an intensive and interactive two-day virtual training event that includes one-on-one and group coaching sessions, role play, offline exercises and a final proficiency assessment.

Day 1

Setting the Foundation for Success

  • OKR Principles – Develop a common understanding of what OKRs are, the opportunities they enable and how they work in practice

  • The OKR Coaching Mindset – Explore the OKR champion’s role in leading internal teams and organizational change through common OKR coaching scenarios

Day 2

OKRs in Practice

  • Writing Quality OKRs – Learn the difference between good OKRs and bad, how to recognize and address typical OKR mistakes and create alignment between internal teams

  • Baking OKRs Into Your Rhythm – Understand how to perform weekly check-ins, conduct monthly reviews, initiate mid-course corrections and plan for the next cycle

The Add-Ons

  • E-Learning – Access and download workshop materials through our online training hub before the event and for a full year after

  • Complimentary Follow-Up Coaching Session – While our training program sets you up for success, our follow-up coaching session ensures it by allowing you to share your progress, ask questions and get expert advice

  • Advanced Certification and Education – Learn about additional opportunities to expand your OKR knowledge and contribute to the transformation of your organization

Industry-Leading Methodology, Enterprise-Proven Success

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Ryan Schmid

CEO of Vera Whole Health

“The OKR Advisors team has helped us rapidly scale by providing professional coaching and consulting to the senior team and beyond. With their support, we have improved our strategy execution discipline using OKRs and other methodologies and have developed a solid foundation to double the size of our company again this year.”

Mike Radenbaugh

CEO of Rad Power Bikes

“We needed help implementing OKRs to support improved strategy execution with the senior team and throughout the company as we rapidly scaled. OKR Advisors helped us to adopt OKRs with higher quality, greater speed, and most importantly, to achieve concrete business results to win in the future.”

Zeelomi Wadiwalla Hamirani

Program Manager, Office of the CEO at Flexport

"The OKR Advisors team helped us implement an OKR framework as part of our annual planning cycle. They conducted several trainings and coaching sessions with our OKR Champions, setting our teams up for success when it came to understanding the benefits of implementing an OKR framework as well as learning the best practices required to deliver it."

Meet the OKR Advisors

We are a community of expert advisors and practitioners on a mission to provide the insights and proven practices required to help individuals advance their careers while supporting their organization’s ability to effectively implement and use OKRs.

Rick Maguire

Drawing on 30 years of experience leading high-performing teams as a Naval submarine officer, Microsoft executive, leadership coach and strategic advisor, Rick instructs individuals and organizations on how they can successfully adopt and use OKRs to realize their growth goals.

Rick holds a master’s degree in Engineering Management from Stanford University and is a graduate of the Wharton Executive Leadership Program. He is also a certified Hudson Institute Coach and Scaling UP Coach.

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Joe Ottinger


Laszlo Kismarton

Co-Founder & CEO

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